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    Bitcoin—who are you?

    Contemporary governments all seek more control over their populations. With the help of the mass media conglomerate, they attempt to guide our thoughts and implant doubts concerning what is and is not valuable. At this same time, their hands are plunged deeply into our pocketbooks, taking everything that they can get their hands on. For some reason ‘the powers that be’ all seem to consider it completely normal to exert control over our finances. The trend is the same no matter what country one wishes to examine, the desire for total dominance is present in most, if not every, government. These same politicians however are apparently quick to forget that human beings are the sort of creatures that have a natural tendency to seek out freedom and world history has many times documented this.

    Modern society is now on the road to deliverance from the structures of government, and consequently from the so-called elite. Thanks in large part to the internet; humanity now is confidently breaking down the barriers of its confinement, and not just in relation to language and culture, but in relation to money as well—and money is what really runs the world as we all know. Previously we were somehow trained to accept the idea that international banks alone had the sole power to determine the currencies to be used and their corresponding values. We were also hoodwinked to believe that inherit in this power they had the right to make these decisions without any regard to the effect upon the masses, but instead considered only the impact upon themselves and the so-called upper echelons of society. Turn the page to the present and now a new and unique question presents itself to us: what if currencies and their values were now to be set by the masses themselves?

    One such new currency that is seeking to erase the borders of our imprisonment was purportedly conceived by Satoshi Nakamoto, and quite possibly ‘he’ simultaneously authored a revolution in the history of the human race. Bitcoin is the name of this currency, and with it the ability to control the masses has been eliminated. When one creates a Bitcoin wallet there is no need to present papers (this is not always the case but should be, and we will not name names here but you conformers know who you are), the wallet simply comes into existence and no one has control over the value of the contents of another’s wallet. These contents are private as well and are not subject to the prying eyes of government, at least as long as Bitcoin remains based in mathematics and not somehow brought under the influence of politicians.

    One may obtain this digital currency by various methods that include simply purchasing it or using the power of a computer to “mine” it. The possibilities to earn Bitcoin are essentially unlimited and are dependent only upon the desires and creativity of the users and this work can be kept private and not subject to the scrutiny or parasitical nature of others.

    The most attractive feature of Bitcoin is that the banks are powerless to manipulate the value of it as it is completely decentralized and therefore its value is unable to be flippantly raised or lowered overnight as can easily be done with fiat paper currencies. There will never be more than twenty one million Bitcoins in existence and this means that its value will only grow in time despite all of the negative publicity it is given by the establishment.

    Yet another positive concerning Bitcoin is that it causes fear in the traditional power structures of the planet. The well to do and the governments under their control are so afraid of losing the financial stranglehold that they have had on the masses for so long that they have gone so far as trying to link Bitcoin to crime and terrorism in their propaganda campaigns. Of course their ultimate goal is obviously the outright ban of Bitcoin and its use. You can see in the recent ‘news’ how various countries seek to restrict or ban the use of Bitcoin. All of this once again demonstrates that the future of Bitcoin must be bad for ‘the powers that be’ and good for the so-called common people.

    Considering Bitcoin’s already lengthy existence, we can say with confidence that digital currency is the future of humanity. The critical thing at this point is not to commit the fatal error of handing over the control of Bitcoin to the governments and then we may finally break free from the bonds of corruption and control that are operated from the top of the invisible pyramid of society.

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